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How to get rid of peacocks?

The peacocks are one of the best beautiful birds in the world. But do you know they can steal, vandalize car and can awake your neighbors by shouting? If you are tired of them, you can try the given strategies to get rid of them.

Controlling peacocks in the garden

No doubt, they look beautiful in the garden, but they can destroy your garden by digging it up and by making the dust hallows in them.

Contact with zoos

Killing peacocks is illegal, and you may do not like to kill them. The first thing you can do to get rid of them is to call nearby zoo or park officials. Do it if they are making the home messy. They will come and capture this creature.

How to deter peacocks?

Male peacocks can be too aggressive, especially in the mating season. They can attack another male peacock if they found them in the home; they will also attack the cars and will damage them. They will damage to everything that has a reflection. The only thing you can do is prevention. Prevent them from getting into your home.

-Stop feeding them and repel them with the help of water when they are trying to enter your home.
-If you want to protect your garden, then use fencing around them. You can also run colorful streamers around the plants; it will help to scare the peacocks.
-Do you have a pet that is found to be peacocks predators? If you do not have, then buy a dog. Although they do not prey on peacocks, their barking is enough to scare them.
-You can also use netting to secure the garden and prevent them by ruining your garden.
You can also use noise repellents to deter the peacocks.

Using a trap

Another way to get rid of peacocks is by using a live trap. You can place some chicken on the trap and add some leaf on to hide the trap. Make sure the trap is not going to disturb the peacock’s tail. So it is better to use the big trap.

Catch the bird

Although this way is risky and needs your energy and patience, by doing so, you can get permanently rid of them. Provide them good food when they are busy eating food, catch them with the help of a blanket. Add them into a big plastic bag and left them away from your house.

Non-lethal control of peacocks

You want to get rid of them, but on the other side, you do not want to use the trap, then you can use bb guns or wrist rockets to remove the peacocks.

-You can also use red pepper flakes, add them near to fruits or plant roots when they scratch the soil; they will find the taste hot and bitter. It will prevent them from entering your garden.
-You can also use deterrents spray to repel them, and there are many effective sprays you can easily find them to your nearest store.

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