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We are a professional animal removal company headquartered in Bowie, and servicing all of Prince George County, MD. We solve problems with wild critters in the home and around the property. We handle animals such as squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats, mice, opossums, and even snakes, bats, and birds. We most commonly receive calls about scratching sounds in your attic, or digging in your lawn, or many other critter problems. We not only remove animals, but we provide a wide array of services, from animal damage repairs, preventative home repairs, attic cleaning, and more. We are fully licensed and insured in Maryland, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at (240) 334-6039 for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for animal removal.

When wildlife infests your property, their activities can cause extensive structural damage. The critters can also spread diseases and cause odor and mold problems. We are a wildlife control company that keeps your property free of the critters forever. Our services are suitable for residential and commercial properties. We get calls from homeowners who hear noise from their ceilings and suspect wildlife infestation. We also work on commercial properties and effect measures to keep critters out forever. We are fully licensed and insured to provide comprehensive wildlife control services. We are snake removal experts and remove the different types of snake found in the state. We also offer permanent solutions to rodent infestation. As opposed to pest control companies, we offer comprehensive services. Our approach to long-term wildlife control includes a 32-point inspection process where we identify the scope of the problem. We only apply humane methods such as exclusion and prevention. As experts in bat colony extraction, we completely extract large colonies of bats with humane methods. We only apply measures in line with the industry standards and stay abreast with the latest developments. We offer services at competitive prices. We give estimates over the phone and readily dispatch technicians for emergency services.

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We are competitively priced, but for the value you get, we are the best. Not all companies are the same! A pest control company will bill you monthly, for years, but never solve the problem. We solve your wildlife problem, permanently, the first time. No two jobs are exactly alike, so call us at (240) 334-6039 for a price quote.

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Bowie Wildlife Trapper Tip of the Month:
What are the Common Problems that Skunks Cause

Skunks are beautiful animals with striped pattern in their body; they are so attractive to the extent one can even desire to keep them as pet. But, they can cause a lot of damages you will regret if you give them an opportunity to be living in your home. They start giving you problems whenever you allow them to nest within and around your property, either your property is for residential or commercial purposes. With their bad and offensive smell, it is enough to make it important for you to do everything possible to keep them away completely.

One of the major problems of skunks is their incredibly noxious smell. If they spray it onto buildings or surfaces, the odor can remain for weeks or even months in high enough concentrations. However, their noxious smell is actually of lesser concern when compared to some of the property damage and health risks these animals can cause. The following are some common skunk problems and some noticeable signs to be aware of:

Chewing wood and wires in the Attic and Basement

The two main places where the skunks usually love to stay while living inside houses are the basement and attic. Their high digging ability is what made them dangerous when they come nearer to any structure as they can dig through to compromise the strength. They can also chew through wires and woods while in the attic thereby causing enormous damages that will expensive to fix. This is the reason why it is important to avoid giving skunks chance to live anywhere near your home.

Damaging the gardens and digging the lawns

The garden and lawn are one of the major places skunks can visit when you allow them to nest anywhere around your home. Their digging ability is damaging to the garden and lawn as they can turn everything upside down while searching for insect larvae, earthworms and other things underneath your garden or lawn. The essential thing is to do is to, make sure that you do not allow skunks anywhere near your garden or lawn to avoid damages that you will later regret.

Burrowing and damaging building foundations

In the wild, skunks normally burrows underneath the bottom of trees. However, in the city, they will burrow underneath solid building foundations, which can cause serious damages when the structural elements shift or crack.

Biting victims with Rabies

Skunks have sharp teeth they normally use to bite. But you should understand the fact that they are not a regular biters like other animals, because they do not really believe in chasing their predators away with bite. They usually bite occasionally, and only bite when they deemed it necessary to be the only option available for their self-defense. One of the issues with skunk bite is that, it can cause rabies and other viral and bacterial diseases to the victim. This is the reason why it important to avoid skunks completely.

Skunks Can Spray Odorous Liquid

Skunks are notorious pests that can chase their predators away with odorous spray. Asides the obnoxious smell of their spray, the spray can also cause nausea, vomiting and blindness because it contains sulphuric acid.

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