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Killing rats with coke

People who are facing any rat issue then would like to try home remedies first to get rid of rats before hiring any professional. For rats, it is not difficult to get in every area of your home as they are excellent climbers, so you may find them at the attic or even in the basement. In this situation, you must be preferred to use all famous remedies to repel the rat. Is it? We would like to share some easy and effective ways to kill a rat-like with the use of coke.

How does it work?

It is very simple, just add the coke in a bowl and place it near to the place where you frequently notice the presence of rat. You can also place this near to the area that contains fresh dropping. Rat love sweet things and coke have a sweet fragrance; it will attract the rats.

How cokes kill the rats?

There are various ways to kill the rat without hiring any professional. There are many homemade poison and remedies that are used to get rid of them. Using coke to kill rats is one of the famous and effective methods. Other soft drinks that contain carbonated beverages can also be used to kill the rats. When the rat drinks the coke, it unable them from expelling the gas that is caused by the carbonated beverage; as a result, they will die.

Does coke really kill rats? How effective is this method?

Using coke to kill rats is used as a high level, and 90% of people get the positive results means they get rid of rats in the next 24 hours, but some of the people believe this method did not works well.

Coke is used as an alternative of poison because it makes the rat system by building pressure in the rat stomach. Gas contains in coke can make the rat unable to release the excessive gas outside from their body, so as the resultant carbon dioxide will remain in their stomach and kill the rat in the next few hours.

Unlike a human, the rat cannot burp after taking the carbon dioxide beverages, when their body fails to release the gas for sure they are going to die. Anyhow, there is no scientific theory or prove that the technique of using coke is effective in killing the rats. The drawback of this method is you have to use the fresh coke, and if the rat drinks the coke in that time when it contains carbon dioxide beverage, otherwise they are going to evaporate if we keep them in an open place and there will be only sugar in the coke. A coke with no gas cannot kill the rat.


Although many people admit they have killed the rat with the use of coke, there is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of using coke. Anyhow, we recommend you use a method that did not allow any animal to get into your house. Seal all the open cracks and holes. Use netting around the garden or deck. When there is no space, no animal will enter into the house, and you will not need to search or try any homemade remedy like using coke or other things to get rid of rats.

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